Week 6 of Lent: Holy Week: Silence

Daily Prayer phrase: Holy Mystery, I am speechless in your presence.

Spiritual Practice: Breathe deeply. Focusing on each breath in and out can help quiet the mind and center you in God’s Spirit. Become aware of your surroundings; notice how the air feels on your skin; trust that you are in the presence of the holy—fully surrounding and embracing you. Don’t expect that God will speak to you in a certain way. Just open yourself to what is. Allow your inner conversations to stop for a while, being fully present with the one who is fully present with you.After being silent for a while, offer a prayer of gratitude for God’s constant presence whether you are fully aware of it or not. Pray that you may continue to draw closer to God and discover what God is saying and doing within you.


Sunday: Practice silence. Repeat prayer phrase throughout your day


Monday: Find a quiet space and allow yourself at least five minutes alone in silence (preferably more). Breathe deeply, paying attention to how your breath feels as it enters your body and as it leaves. Allow your breath to silence your restlessness, activity, and inner noise. Continue to listen to your breath in silence. Repeat this week’s prayer phrase throughout your day.


Tuesday: Before you begin your day of work or activity, silently offer this prayer (taken from Psalm 46:10), which is best said with a rhythmic chanting of the words and a pause for contemplation after each line. You may choose to end the day with this same prayer.

Be still and know that I am God.

Be still and know that I am.

Be still and know.

Be still.


Repeat this week’s prayer phrase throughout your day.


Wednesday: Refrain from posting or commenting on all social media for the day. Instead, use that time to listen to what you are hearing from others and offer prayers on their behalf. Repeat this week’s prayer phrase throughout your day.


Thursday: Incorporate times of silence into your daily routine. Before beginning work, eating a meal, or beginning any daily task, observe a minute of silence. Repeat this week’s prayer phrase throughout your day.


Friday: Turn off the radio, TV, phone, or computer, and simply work or rest in silence. As you hear the sounds of life around you, allow yourself to be filled with awe and gratitude at the presence of God’s Spirit in diverse ways. Repeat this week’s prayer phrase throughout your day.


Saturday: “Entering the silence” is based on a practice of the Seneca (First People) Nation. The imagery is adapted from the words of Twylah Nitsch:Close your eyes. Breathe out three times.Listen and hear the Silence...Listen and see the Silence.Listen and taste the Silence...Listen and smell the Silence.Breathe out one time. Listen and embrace the Silence.When you are finished, open your eyes.Repeat this week’s prayer phrase throughout your day. —Spiritual Formation, Community of Christ

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